Sunday, December 2, 2012

Autumn walk in Aubonne

Every expat in the Lake Geneva area has heard of Aubonne. Every expat in the Lake Geneva area has been to Aubonne. It is after all, home to the ultimate expat pilgrimage center ......IKEA. The store that unifies the diversity of our expat origins and homogenizes our homes with an unmistakable stamp that cries "hey, look I am new to Switzerland".

But Aubonne, nestled between the lake and the Juras is more than IKEA!

The Aubonne River just beyond the hydroelectric plant

A pretty town, beautiful rolling hillsides (walking along which a certain Monsieur Mestral found inspiration in the burrs that became attached to his clothes and went on to invent Velcro), the river Aubonne and a large arboretum (the first in Switzerland).  

Aubonne castle framing the mountain peaks with the fresh snowfall
This weekend as we had our first December snowfall (which vanished almost as soon as it fell) we gave IKEA a miss and went walking around near the outskirts of Aubonne besides the Aubonne river.  A few pictures. 
Autumn turning to winter

Aubonne is largely an agricultural community


  1. Bela's blogs are becoming more interesting - a perfect mix of information blended with subtle humor.

  2. Very pretty and interesting!


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